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Retrieve consent with a BlueConic form using the “Forms” toolbar component

Managing privacy and consent with the BlueConic CDP

The BlueConic customer data platform can help you manage marketing objectives for privacy and consent, such as compliance with privacy regulations including GDPR or CCPA/CPRA.

How to manage privacy and marketing objectives for GDPR and CCPA compliance in the BlueConic customer data platform

Using the Forms toolbar

This example does not ask for explicit consent, but instead assigns implicit consent when a customer or visitor volunteers information. Be sure to check with your legal team whether implicit consent is compliant with the data policies and regulations in your specific case. Set consent for one or more objectives when a visitor or customer submits the form using the “Forms” toolbar component. In the example of the above screenshot:

  • The email address input field and sign up button are placed using the BlueConic forms toolbar component.
  • The consent for the objective “Daily newsletter” should be set if the visitor clicks the “Sign up” button.

Take the following steps to set consent for an objective if a visitor submits a BlueConic form:

  1. Open the dialogue containing the form.
  2. Setup / edit the form in the dialogue.
  3. Click the Submit settings
  4. Click the Add action dropdown button and select Consent / refuse objective
  5. Select the objective(s) for which the consent must be set when the visitor submits the form:How to manage customer data platform privacy consent for GDPR and CCPA compliance in the BlueConic CDP

This is an example of how to retrieve consent when serving international customers from the U.S. and EU.


Privacy and consent resources


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