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June 2018 Product Updates

Note: You've landed on some older release notes from our early days. Learn about current BlueConic features and CDP use cases in the BlueConic Knowledge Base.

Most recent BlueConic product updates

For current BlueConic product updates, visit the BlueConic Release Notes page.

June is here, and that means we passed the May 25th GDPR deadline. If we all weren’t aware of it before, the avalanche of privacy update email and the evolving news about adtech deeply under pressure certainly has our attention now, and there is even more interest in building your own first-party data with consent. The new martech philosophy is about building trust and respecting privacy, and CDPs are primed to be the solution to reach that goal. We keep on cranking out new features, so without further ado, here are the new ones for this month!

New Real-Time Behavioral Profile Properties and Segments

We are introducing 5 new powerful profile properties that are automatically calculated by BlueConic in real time and adjusted over time:

  1. Recency: Index that shows how recently a visitor has been active
  2. Frequency: Index for the average amount of visits per day
  3. Momentum: Index that is high when a visitor is more active in the last 7 days compared to before, and low when a visitor is less active
  4. Intensity: Index for the average intensity (page views) per visit per visitor over his or her lifetime
  5. Recent intensity: Index for the average intensity (page views) per visit per visitor in the last 30 days

 How to set up behavioral customer profile properties to track customer behavior in the BlueConic CDP

Each of the 5 Behavioral Profile Properties are:

  • Available by default and designed for minimal configuration
  • Calculated automatically and have passive decays (meaning that even when a profile is not active, the score will be adapted over time)
  • Calculated in real time (no matter how many profiles you may have!)
  • Scored between 0 and 100 for each profile, so you can easily compare and segment profiles based on degrees of intensity, recency, etc.

These behavioral profile properties can be used as stand-alone properties or combined with existing segments to further enrich those segments. We also released a set of behavioral segments based on these new properties that you can start using right away:

  • Recent Activity: visitors from the past 7 days
  • High Frequency: highly frequent visitors
  • High Momentum: becoming very active
  • Low Momentum: getting less active
  • High Intensity: visitors with more activity per session
  • Recent Intensity: recently very active visitors 

You can use these new profile properties & segments for use cases like:

  • When customers have low momentum, reach out to them through email, Facebook Custom Audiences, or Google Customer Match to re-engage them
  • If a customer has low momentum and you use a content meter, give the customer a bonus article
  • Ask customers that have a high momentum and high intensity for their email address because they may be more likely to respond
  • If a customer has become recently very active, serve them a call-to-action with a discount or special offer
  • Suppress recently-active customers from acquisition campaigns to make sure that your paid campaign isn't getting the same eyeballs over and over

We can’t wait to see what other use cases you come up with!

Updated Universe Management Tab

We updated the universe and channel management tab with a sharp new UI.

How to manage customer information in BlueConic and comply with GDRP and CCPA

  • You can more easily filter, search, and favorite channels you often use
  • If you have hundreds of channels, the UI scales much faster
  • The UI automatically retrieves the thumbnail images per channel
  • You can now see when a channel has been visited last, making it much easier to clean up channels that are no longer in use
  • When adding a new channel, the channel discovery wizard will run, making it easier to add new channels

How to use BlueConic to collect customer data and track customer analytics


Consent Management Feature Additions

With the introduction of new consent management features, we received a variety of enhancement suggestions. So we added the following features at your request (keep them coming!):

  • ‘Profile overview’ and ‘profile download’ customization: add a new column ‘description’ and a custom description per profile property

How to manage customer privacy and consent for GDPR and CCPA using BlueConic

  • If you want to use Objectives across channels or brands, or in multiple languages, you can now set alternative custom text for the Objective title and description per Dialogue

How to comply with GDPR and CCPA using a customer data platform like BlueConic

How to create a customer privacy center for GDPR and CCPA with BlueConic

  • New Consent / Refuse Objective Listener: configure to listen to existing forms on your site and set or refuse an Objective in BlueConic based on what the visitor does in the form (for example, providing an email address)
  • The Consent Management forms now automatically track click and conversion events
  • New Listener that can automatically block EU visitors from seeing marketing messages
  • Option to delete EU profiles entirely

How to manage EU privacy laws and GDPR compliance using BlueConic marketing customer data platform

  • We added the option to delete related profile properties when a visitor withdraws consent for an Objective

How to handle customers withdrawing privacy consent in BlueConic

All the Little Things

We’re also continuously hard at work on the smaller things:

  • The Sailthru Connection was upgraded to our Connection UI 2.0, so you can now create multiple goals and the speed of the connection runs much faster.

How to connect BlueConic to sailthru to synchronize customer data

  • We added a new option for profile merging rules. Now you can choose to only merge when both profiles have used the same IP address in the past. For new rules, this option is on by default.

How do profile merging rules in BlueConic work to match identities and merge customer profiles 

A Sneak Peek at Features to Come

  • Advanced segmentation features and greater segmentation expression power
  • A fully rewritten and faster Facebook Ads Connection
  • New and upgraded Connections, like Lotame, Universal Analytics, and Decibel Insight 


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