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May 2018 Product Updates

Note: You've landed on some older release notes from our early days. Learn about current BlueConic features and CDP use cases in the BlueConic Knowledge Base.

Most recent BlueConic product updates

For current BlueConic product updates, visit the BlueConic Release Notes page.

May has arrived, which means the looming May 25th GDPR deadline is around the corner. In April, we introduced new consent management features to get you up and running, which you can review here.

Incoming Webhooks

How to use Webhook connections and to ensure compliance with GDPR and CCPA using BlueConic

In August 2017, we added outgoing webhook support. When a profile property changes, BlueConic will make an outgoing API call to one of your other system (or even a third-party system) and send and receive customer data from that system in real-time. Even if BlueConic doesn’t have a named connection with one of your systems, webhooks present an additional way to connect with BlueConic.

Outgoing webhooks are a popular, but also generic integration mechanism among BlueConic customers. We’ve released incoming webhooks, which enable other systems to call BlueConic in real-time, rather than just the other way around.

With incoming webhooks, you can configure another system to make an API call to BlueConic. Within the Connections tab, you can map the incoming data to the corresponding BlueConic profile properties.

Google BigQuery Export

Last month, we released the Google BigQuery Connection with import capabilities. And now you have a closed loop; you can send data to Google BigQuery, conduct analysis with one of the Google Cloud tools, and then send additional data back to BlueConic.


Connection 2.0 Features

We’re updating more BlueConic Connections to reflect our Connection 2.0 UI. Along with several small bug fixes, you will notice the following changes:

Click "Set up and run" to see how many profiles are sent and received on a specific connection. In the top-right section of the page, you’ll see the estimated number of profiles that are matched in the goal. Click on the number of profiles on the top right of a connections page to get more details.

How to use the Acxiom connection and to ensure GDPR compliance with BlueConic

  • To simplify identifier selection, only profile properties that represent identifiers are available to be selected.
  • Icons on the top-left of a Connection better reflect the state of the connection with arrows representing data flow.

The list of Connections that are using the Connection UI 2.0 include:

  • Acxiom
  • BigQuery
  • Bronto
  • Campaign Monitor
  • MS CRM
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly ExactTarget)
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Salesforce DMP (formerly Krux)
  • MailChimp
  • Marketo
  • MixPanel
  • Responsys
  • S3
  • SFTP
  • Silverpop
  • WhatCounts


In addition to all the new consent management features released last month, we made some smaller tweaks this month:

  • You can now give or refuse consent in the form plugin.

How do I use BlueConic to ensure compliance with GDPR and CCPA consumer consent

  • The documentation for the REST and JavaScript API have been updated to reflect the new consent management capabilities.
  • We added examples to request for consent within lightboxes and notification bars.

 How do I find examples of customer marketing complaince with GDPR and CCPA?

  • Give or withdraw consent
  • See or download their profiles
  • Delete their profiles
  • Contact you for additional privacy related requests

Examples of consumer privacy newsletters for GDPR and CCPA with BlueConic

A sneak peek at features to come

  • A more user-friendly way to set background images in Dialogues
  • The universe management tab is getting a new look
  • Improvements on profile merging by leveraging IP addresses used in the past
  • New behavioral profile properties related to recency, frequency, and intensity
  • And more!



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