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April 2018 Product Updates

Note: You've landed on some older release notes from our early days. Learn about current BlueConic features and CDP use cases in the BlueConic Knowledge Base.

Most recent BlueConic product updates

For current BlueConic product updates, visit the BlueConic Release Notes page.

Spring is upon us, which also means the EU GDPR deadline is approaching. We have quite a few updates related to GDPR this month. While it’s keeping us busy, we have plenty of other improvements and new features, too!

We also have some big news to share! Because of the ever-increasing demand for BlueConic, our company has reached a major milestone by outgrowing our office space. And this week, we have moved! We are only one block away from our old office, but in a much bigger space with ample room to continue to grow! Take a look here! If you are in the neighborhood, come on in for a coffee or eat a stroopwafel with us! Thank you all for your support!

Find us at

179 Lincoln Street

Boston, MA 02111

Consent & Privacy Management for GDPR

The big topic this month remains to be GDPR. We are rolling out features to manage individual rights requests for:

  • Consent Management
  • Privacy Management
    • Right to access data
    • Right to rectify data
    • Right to be forgotten

In addition, a whole list of supplementary GDPR-related features like:

  • The option to edit or download an individual profile
  • A new Dialogue type: ‘Notification bar’

To learn more, there are a variety of resources you can review:

  • An FAQ containing answers to questions we’ve been asked recently
  • The recording of our well-received Consent & Privacy Management webinar
  • A 5-minute tutorial video that shows you how to quickly setup privacy management

But the burning question is: when will it be available? Good news! These new features will release for EU-based customers this week, and all other customers the following week! Check for status updates from our On-Demand team.


This month, we are introducing a new concept in BlueConic called Objectives. Objectives are a great way to organize the various ways you’re using BlueConic into logical groups that relate back to your marketing objectives.

 How to ensure GDPR compliance with BlueConic using privacy and consent Objectives

Objectives will enable you to define and view your use cases, such as decreasing bounce rates, increasing depth of engagement, improving look-alike targeting, etc. Simply click into a particular Objective to see all related objects associated with that use case, such as Listeners, Dialogues, Segments or Connections. You can add additional objects directly on the Objectives page itself, or add an object to an Objective in the right sidebar of that object.


We’ve made a number of Connection updates this month:

  • We added a new Connection; Google BigQuery. Import data into BlueConic from BigQuery to enrich BlueConic profiles. Also, the option to export data from BlueConic into BigQuery will be available soon.

 How to connect BlueConic to Google BigQuery to syncrhonize your marketing data

  • The Google Ads Connection not only got a makeover with the Connections 2.0 UI, but it also now supports multiple accounts. Plus, in addition to email matching, you can now also match by phone numbers. Some BlueConic customers experimented with this new option from Google and found better match rates using phone numbers, so certainly worth a look if you use this Connection (and many of you do!)

 How to connect BlueConic to Google Ad Words

  • The HubSpot Connection now matches via cookies, as well as email address and HubSpot ID.

How to connect BlueConic to Hubspot

All the little things

Every month we sweat the little things.

  • The advanced search allows you to look up applicable objects in BlueConic. You now have the option to select multiple or select all items. This feature will allow you to add multiple properties in Connection mappings!
  • Along with updating the UI for Connections, we now show the audience reached & the number profiles sent and received.

How to use BlueConic connections to synchronize your marketing data

  • We added a visual picker to make it easier to select attributes in Listeners
  • We added login activities to the Activity Stream on your homepage, so you can see who has logged into your BlueConic tenant and when.

How to track customer activity in BlueConic

  • Content Dialogues now also have configurable JavaScript/CSS, more advanced options, and template examples, just like Overlays.
  • You can now configure what should happen after a BlueConic form is submitted. Choose from a list to:
    • Close the lightbox
    • Throw an event
    • Show inline text
    • Set consent for GDPR Objectives
    • Execute custom JavaScript
    • Redirect the page to another page

How to use BlueConic to set customer privacy consent for GDPR compliance objectives

A sneak peek at features to come

  • We are working to add support for export in our new Google BigQuery Connection
  • A more user-friendly way to set background images in Dialogues
  • We are adding incoming calls for the Webhooks Connection
  • And more!


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