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March 2018 Product Updates

Note: You've landed on some older release notes from our early days. Learn about current BlueConic features and CDP use cases in the BlueConic Knowledge Base.

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March is here, and we’re busier than ever! We’re pleased to share BlueConic's latest and greatest product updates.

Preparing for GDPR

The EU GDPR deadline of May 25th is nearing fast. We’re almost ready to release our new consent management capabilities that will help you to not only gain consent from customers, but also manage individual rights requests such as:

  • Right to withdraw consent
  • Right to access data
  • Right to rectify data
  • Right to be forgotten

Join us March 22nd when we’ll host a webinar to unveil our new consent management features and highlight key GDPR topics that marketers should be thinking about.

We’ll walk through how to:

  • Implement a process to identify & manage your marketing objectives
  • Set up Objectives in BlueConic for marketing purposes that require consent
  • Create Dialogues to gain consent, as well as manage individual rights requests
  • Monitor and improve your rate of consent after you’ve set it all up

Also, check out this article on GDPR on CMSWire written by BlueConic’s own Cory Munchbach for a bit more on how marketers can (and should) embrace GDPR.

Create your own Data Layer using BlueConic

In January, we introduced our Data Layer Connection – and now you can create your own data layer! Setting this up is very simple! While using the BlueConic Data Layer Connection, you now have the option to select ‘Create a new data layer’ in addition to choosing an existing data layer.

How to ensure compliance with GDPR and CCPA using BlueConic and to use the Data Layer Connection

BlueConic allows you to create your own data layer with the flexibility and control over how it is structured and what it includes, as opposed to being limited to a fixed data layer in other web solutions. You can give the data layer a custom name, and map your BlueConic data with your own data layer attributes – which works going in and out.

New notification bar

Overlays are a popular type of BlueConic dialogue, including the lightbox, slide-out, and toaster. In the coming weeks we will be adding a new overlay, the notification bar. You have the option to place it at the top or bottom of a page. And like other overlays, you can configure it by selecting from examples, templates, and other settings.

The notification bar will be very useful in gaining consent to use customer data, one of the core requirements of the upcoming GDPR regulations!

How to use the Notification Bar dialogue for GDPR compliance with BlueConic


A CDP is useless without connections to other systems. Here are the connections we added and updated this month:

  • New Mixpanel connection with multiple goal support, as well as batch import (batch export coming soon!)
  • You can now connect BlueConic with your Slack channel and send notifications to your team when selected profile properties change. For example, let your team know when a purchase is made and by whom. We are using the Slack connection to notify the BlueCrew when someone becomes a customer!

How to use BlueConic

A sneak peek at features to come

  • As we mentioned earlier, we are still working hard on developing GDPR features, including consent management, consent request examples, and a privacy center. Join the webinar March 22nd and be on the lookout for a whitepaper to answer all of your questions!
  • We are excited to announce the Objective. New to BlueConic, the Objective page will allow you to set up and view an overview of all the use cases that you are using BlueConic to work through. Simply click into a particular use case to see all related objects (segments, dialogues, etc.) that are attributed – giving you a clearer overview of all your related marketing objectives within BlueConic.
  • Google Ads Customer Match added phone number and address support in November. In the BlueConic User Slack Community, it’s been discussed that some BlueConic customers are manually testing the new match fields. Results have shown much better matches when using phone number and address compared to using email. Based on this feedback, we’re looking at adding support for phone number and address to our Google Ads connection.


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