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Ad blocking and BlueConic

Many browsers employ ad blocking technology. For example, Google Chrome has ad blocking enabled by default. Chrome has a built-in mechanism to ensure that sites that are flagged as having abusive ads will get their script resources filtered by EasyList and uBlock. As a result, ads and JavaScript on the page will then be blocked.

The BlueConic script is not in the generic EasyList, but is listed as a third-party script in the EasyPrivacy and uBlock list.

This means that if your website is flagged as not adhering to the Better Ads standards, the BlueConic script will be blocked from being loaded in Chrome - preventing BlueConic from working. This occurs even though BlueConic collects your first-party data for you, and it not a third-party data tool.

What can I do?

To avoid getting flagged and therefore blocked, do the following:

  • Read up on the Better Ads standards.
  • Make sure you stay within safe limits; for example, make sure toasters consume less than 30% of the viewable area, and carefully consider situations when lightboxes appear on the first page view ever for a profile.
  • Run an Ad Experience Report for your website.


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