Deploying personalized/relevant interactions based on user data

One of the most exciting aspects of BlueConic is the built-in capability to deploy personalized content and relevant interactions based on user data and segmentation. 

This hands-on (recommended!) training session will take your team through the steps to build and deploy a BlueConic dialogue. Dialogues come in a variety of flavors, from in-line editing to lightboxes, toasters, and slide out interactions to name a few.

We'll focus on the tab-based configuration of Who, Where, When, What, and Why tabs along with the Optimization tab. 

Who: In this tab, you'll select the segment(s) you want to target, or configure a new set of filters on the fly. As an option, you may also target all visitors. 

How does BlueConic do marketing personalization based on behavioral customer data?

Where: Define exactly which pages your interaction should be or should not be deployed on. 

When: A variety of options will allow you to specify when the interaction should be triggered. Start and end date/times keep users from needing to log in to turn interactions on or off. A frequency cap will ensure the interaction isn't overused. Date- and time-based settings let you add a contextual touch to messages.

What: This is where you create the interaction itself. There is both an HTML editor and a visual editor. Insert images, forms, and data points directly from user profiles. 

Why: All dialogues can have success criteria defined, to round out measurement which includes views, clicks, and conversions. Online behaviors or offline behaviors can be used to trigger conversions in this area.

Optimization: At the right side of the dialogue tabs is the optimization tab. It is here that you can set up multiple variants for any dialogue, and configure the variants in A/B testing mode, rotation, or automatic optimization. In automatic optimization mode, BlueConic will use a multi-arm bandit algorithm to lean hardest toward the winning variants -- and lean harder depending on how much the variant is winning by.