Capabilities walkthrough

The capabilities walkthrough is our introduction to your organization -- we recommend inviting everyone who will touch BlueConic or marketing programs that make use of BlueConic data.

This session is intended to explain what a customer data platform does, and how BlueConic has approached activating data for your known and anonymous users on-site, in-app, and across your marketing technology stack.

We'll start off in a journey simulation to give you a sense of what kind of data we're already collecting for you.

But wait -- where did this data come from? Listeners! A quick look at this area will give folks a general understanding of what kind of data we can collect.

From there, we'll show you where you can build segments: either through the segmentation tool or one of the interaction insights dashboard widgets like segment discovery or segment overlap. Whichever method you choose, you'll be able to see exactly how many users in your combined known and anonymous dataset match your segmentation criteria in real-time while you build out the segment.

Need to know how many visitors who match the segment are online right now? There's a widget for that! Off to the insights dashboards we go. We'll take a look at a few of the other widgets available.

Our last stops on the capabilities walking tour will be the delivery area of our customer data platform: dialogues and connections.

Dialogues enable your marketing or web production team to deploy relevant and/or personalized interactions by tailoring content on your site in-line, or by placing messages floating above or popping up from your site.

Connections are how we get data into or out of other systems. We do this through API connections to ESP, CRM, and ad tech systems, as well as a web interface for scheduling batch imports/exports of flat files (CSV).