Suggested data collection for retail/e-commerce

In addition to the out-of-the-box profile properties that BlueConic collects for your visitors, you can configure as many custom profile properties as you like to store all of the data that you need within our platform or across your marketing technology stack. The experts on our customer success team will show you how to set these up during the onboarding process, as well other data points to support use cases specific to your unique business.

Here is a list of profile properties that we consider a good starting point for retail/e-commerce customers:

General behavioral data:

  • Site searches
  • Most recent site search
  • Unmatched site searches

Cart/funnel tracking:

  • Order dates
  • Most recent order date
  • Number of orders
  • Cart steps
  • Most recent cart step
  • Registration/login email
  • Products added to cart
  • Products in cart
  • Products purchased
  • Most recent products purchased

Product info: 

  • Most recent product viewed
  • Products viewed
  • Top product interest
  • All product interests
  • Categories viewed
  • Top category interest
  • All category interests

With this data, you will be equipped to target your visitors with customized and automated marketing interactions. Consider these BlueConic use cases or contact your Customer Success Manager for additional ideas.