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Email Service Provider (ESP) Connection Use Cases


Goals of ESP Connections

There are three goals that can be approached via a BlueConic connection to your email service provider (ESP):

  1. Synchronize data for known users.
  2. Subscribe users to lists.
  3. Use BlueConic segments for campaign targeting.

Let's quickly explain what each of these can be used for!

Synchronizing data for known users

With this option selected, when a user is known in both systems: BlueConic and your ESP, data can be synchronized in either/both platforms. For example, you might pass behavioral data to your ESP from BlueConic. You might receive list membership details from the ESP. 

Subscribe users to lists

When you need to add users to mailing lists, and do NOT want BlueConic to manage removing users from that list, this is the option for you! BlueConic will automatically sign up users for the named list, and normal unsubscribe/list management flows will allow them to be removed.

Use BlueConic segments for campaign targeting

Sometimes, you use lists to manage campaign membership. Use this option when you have an email campaign scheduled that runs against all users in a list, or when there are specific behaviors that should remove users from lists.

An example: Say you want to trigger a drip campaign to users who download a white paper, but you want to turn off the campaign if the user registers on your site. In your ESP, you've configured the drip campaign to start as soon as the user is added to the list. Create a segment for users who downloaded the white paper but are not registered, and synchronize it to your list with this option. The user will be subscribed to the list when they download the white paper, and removed when they register.

CDP BlueConic integration with ESP platforms such as Iterable, Klaviyo, etc.

Learn more about BlueConic CDP use cases. Contact your Customer Success Manager for help discovering and implementing your use cases.

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