Onboarding banner

All menus in BlueConic have extra information on top when you first visit the menu. This part of the page is what is called the "Onboarding Banner." This banner is designed to get you up and running as fast as possible with whatever that particular section of BlueConic has to offer. For example, "Segments" looks like this when you first visit it:

How to learn more about objects in BlueConic and use the UI user interface in BlueConic

There is a brief explanation of the section with a "Read more" link if you want to delve more into details. To the right of the explanation are optional buttons Start tour and/or Watch video where available.

Click Start tour to take a quick guided tour on using this particular section. For example the Segments tour will guide you through setting up your first segment, step by step.

Click Watch video to watch a short video on the subject at hand.

By default, the banner will show up. If you do not want to see the banner, click the blue "i" icon behind the section name. Click the icon again if you want to see banner information again.