BlueConic Firefox Extension

What: BlueConic Firefox Extension allows you to log in to a BlueConic server and work with websites, even if these websites do not have the BlueConic script or refuse to be inlined in the BlueConic dialogue editor, visual picker or simulator. Incidentally, there is also a BlueConic Chrome Extension

About BlueConic: BlueConic is a Customer Data Platform that harnesses the data required to power the recognition of an individual at each interaction, and then synchronizes their intent across the marketing ecosystem. Click here to learn more.

Why: Working with your website in BlueConic requires you to place the BlueConic script on your pages. The extension allows you to work with your website while you are waiting for the script to be placed. Some websites refuse to be inlined in the BlueConic dialogue editor, visual picker or simulator; the extension allows you to circumvent this problem and allows you to work with the website like any other website.

The BlueConic Firefox Extension can be downloaded for free, see below on how to install it. Log in to your BlueConic server and the extension will sandbox any website in the channels of the BlueConic server without the need to place the BlueConic script on that site. The sandboxed website will run all Listeners and Dialogues from the connected BlueConic environment.

Any website can be sandboxed with the BlueConic Extension active:

  • Websites in your BlueConic channels without the BlueConic script will get the script for your server inserted.
  • Websites that already contain a BlueConic script will have it replaced by a script inserted by the extension. This means that the original BlueConic listeners and dialogues will not be run. Instead, the listeners and dialogues of the BlueConic server you logged in to will be executed - provided the website is in your BlueConic channels.

This makes the BlueConic Extension an invaluable tool for developing and testing BlueConic listeners and dialogues. This document describes the BlueConic Extension in greater detail.

Installing the BlueConic Firefox Extension

First download the BlueConic Firefox Extension:

Next, install it by dragging and dropping the downloaded .xpi file on your Firefox browser window. Once installed, the BlueConic extension will be active for all channels of the BlueConic server that you are logged into. The extension can be disabled and re-enabled by clicking on the icon and the Enable/Disable checkbox.

The BlueConic Firefox Extension is an extension like any other. To maintain it, you can open the "Preferences > Add-ons > Extensions" menu. Here you can allow the extension to also be active in incognito mode, or you can disable or even remove the extension.

Adding a Channel

The BlueConic Extension is smart in that it recognizes that you are logged in to a BlueConic server. Whenever you visit a website, it is matched against the channels of the BlueConic server. When the website is in a channel it will be sandboxed by the extension.

Simply add the website to your channels:

  • Open BlueConic
  • Go to "Settings > Channels"
  • Select the Domain you want the website to belong to
  • Click "Add Channel"
  • Create a new channel of type "Website" and enter the details

It may take a minute before the extension picks up the change.