Connection activation/evaluation

Connections synchronize customer data across your marketing technology stack. Combine data points from multiple channels to deliver highly relevant experiences and optimize your cross-channel marketing and communication strategies. 

ESP, CRM, and ad tech integrations are typically set up within the first 90 days of working with BlueConic. BlueConic features dozens of direct connections to various marketing and customer technology, and several data transfer methods that allow connections to hundreds of other systems. 

Connections can be configured directly in BlueConic without assistance from our team, however we are happy to help! In order for us to assist, we will need to review the following during a progressions planning session:

1) What is the technology?
2) Why (list known use cases) do you need data from that technology?
3) Why (list known use cases) do you need to send data to that technology?
4) Is this an immediate need (within 1 month), a short-term need (1-3 months), or a long-term need (3+ months away)?

In some cases, we will be able to stage and begin testing the connection immediately, and in other cases we will need to host a separate activation session. We can also assist with setting up a dashboard to closely monitor the effects of our efforts.