Cross-channel messaging to improve customer engagement

Optimizing paid media within paid channels can greatly improve engagement rates, and so we highly suggest using first-party data from BlueConic for retargeting and acquisition campaigns.

BlueConic can also help improve ad metrics by reinforcing campaign messaging and delivering a consistent experience to your users post-click.

A) Use BlueConic to shape (or "skin") a landing page, e.g. by adding a campaign-specific call-to-action.

B) Use BlueConic to make campaign messaging persistent as users travel around your site.

A BlueConic toaster interaction created to maintain consistent messaging based on offer user clicked on.  

Running a highly targeted ad campaign? Great!

Ingest targeting parameters within BlueConic, and begin interacting with anonymous users based on that targeting data. What better ways could there be to maximize your paid media efforts than repurposing the targeting data and optimizing your site experience to maintain relevancy and consistency?