Acquisition campaigns based on first-party data

Various advertising Connections within BlueConic give you a number of options to launch paid media acquisition campaigns based on first-party data. Whether you're synchronizing data with your DMP, or directly with DoubleClick or Facebook, the time to get started is... now!

Start somewhere

The key is to start synchronizing data that helps you to identify high-value customers or visitors, which BlueConic makes very easy (should take just a few minutes). Once the data has been synchronized, your advertising platform will allow you to create "lookalike audiences" or "similar audiences" based on segments created from these high-value indicators (e.g. made recent purchase, subscribed, clicked through emails more than X times). 

Target and optimize

Using diverse high-value segments will allow you to build different types of lookalike audiences that are likely to perform differently from one another. Start with a couple unique segments (e.g. recent purchasers versus cart abandoners) and run an acquisition campaign based on these users. 

With BlueConic, you can employ your own data about your visitors as observed on your sites, and push segments of those users to publishers for more accurate acquisition campaigns. Your segments can be as broad or specific as you like, and BlueConic makes it fast and easy to deliver many small segments to your publishing partners for in depth campaign optimizations.