CDP Use Case: Site/cart abandonment

BlueConic can help you capitalize on intent shown when users reach a certain level of engagement, especially when they've neared funnel completion.

Depending on how much information you have about the user, there are interactions to be made across:

Paid media (retargeting)

Email (abandonment campaigns)

... and of course, don't forget your websites! Known and anonymous users can be redirected back to the funnel from any site, whether they're about to leave, just returning, or starting to get off track.

On exit intent / just returning:

When a user has products in their cart, or when they are in the middle of your conversion funnel, triggering a last-second interaction can help you to reclaim their attention. Our customers have measured lift using this type of interaction, and have been able to convert up to 10% of abandoners. Often, a minor tweak to the copy can allow the same interaction to be repurposed for the same abandoners when they return to the site.

CDP Use case for preventing marketing funnel abandonment with BlueConic

A BlueConic lightbox interaction set up to re-engage users when they leave or return to the site.

Getting off track:

How to use BlueConic dialogues for customer data activation

A BlueConic toaster interaction set up to redirect users back to an offer they'd shown interest in.