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BlueConic use case: Getting customers to sign up for a newsletter

There may be no greater opportunity than a website visit to generate leads, to capture contact information, and to stay connected with someone who has shown at least some interest or intent.

You can use BlueConic to increase customer engagement with your digital products. Newsletter signup should not be relegated to a footer, or to static placements on pages. It takes prominence and personalization to bring attention to the added value provided by your email program.

BlueConic prompts users to share contact information with a certain level of sophistication as not to annoy or pester your users. Details below.

Newsletter signups are great examples of "quick win" interactions we typically activate with customers during onboarding. A mechanism to sign users up already exists, and we're helping to drive better outcomes through that mechanism.

Customers frequently capture visitors' emails at a rate higher than 10x their baseline before starting with BlueConic. 

How? Most of it is done with two simple dialogue interactions: 

1. Newsletter signup for engaged users

When users reach a certain threshold of engagement, you've earned the ability to disrupt their experience briefly for a good cause. We exclude users who are already known, which can be detected in a number of ways. Typical exclusions include users who have ever clicked through on an email, logged in, or signed up for a newsletter previously. And, as with any dialogue in BlueConic, you can limit it to be displayed to the user only once... ever. Or once per week, per month, etc.

How to increase newsletter subscription rates and capture customers' email addresses using BlueConic 

2. Newsletter signup for disengaging users

Though we wish it weren't the case, many users don't reach any threshold of engagement. In fact, anywhere from 40% to 60% of visitors to your sites probably don't come back. One way to retain more of these users is to reach out to them just as they're disengaging. A simple call-to-action and value proposition for providing an email address can enable you to continue a conversation with users you otherwise might never have heard from again. 

How to use the BlueConic customer data platform to capture customer email addresses 

Once these initial dialogue interactions are set up, BlueConic's dialogue optimizer will allow you to easily test variations to further increase your email capture rates. If you run multiple newsletters, connecting with your ESP will allow us to appropriately prompt users for lists they may be interested in and aren't already signed up for!

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