CDP use case ideas

As a customer data platform, BlueConic can be integrated quickly within a number of your marketing technologies and platforms. Opportunities to drive better outcomes can seem endless, which sometimes creates makes it is hard to know where to start.

Allow us to introduce the Use Case Ideas area, where you can poke around to see how other customers are using BlueConic. We hope this will help get your marketing minds in motion, and we're here if you need a hand taking action! 

Ideas in this section are labeled with one of the following: 

[Web] - Steps or interactions that can be activated on your websites once the BlueConic JavaScript is installed. No further tagging necessary!

[Email] - Use cases for bringing BlueConic data into your ESP, or ESP data into BlueConic.

[Paid] - Use cases for improving ad metrics directly and indirectly. Directly via data integration with ad platforms, and indirectly via interactions post-click that help reinforce campaign messaging or otherwise drive further value from that click. 

[CRM] - Use cases for synchronizing data between BlueConic and your CRM, customer or marketing database (MDB), or data warehouse. 

[CMS] - Use cases for integrating BlueConic data directly into a broad CMS solution, or a commerce platform. 

[Mobile] - Use cases that require installing Android or iOS SDKs in mobile apps, and enable data collection and marketing-driven interactions in-app without a need for pushing new releases.