BluePrints are an innovative new way to drive better outcomes with BlueConic, serving as frameworks to create specific marketing programs that make your advertising smarter, personalize experience designed to drive conversions, and build valuable, sustainable customer relationships. Use BluePrints to:


  • Decrease bounce rates: Use segmentation to bridge between advertising and first party data, by mirroring campaign messages and echo messages on-site and respond to exit intent in real time.
  • Enrich your CRM database with digital insights: Feed digital, behavioral data to your CRM system to improve offline conversations, cross- and upsell, campaigns, sales or call center interactions.
  • Improve look-alike targeting: Share rich 1st party data for known and anonymous with 3rd party advertising partners to enhance look-alike modeling and improve targeting.
  • Increase time spent: Improve web engagement by discerning intent from collected and web behavior for individual visitors and personalize their experiences in real time.
  • Reduce wasted retargeting spend: Make better use of your advertising dollars by using digital insights and behavior collected to (re)target the right user to and improve upsell and conversion rates.
  • Tailor experiences using CRM data: Use CRM records to recognize individuals on your websites and synchronize the customer journey online and offline based on all 1st party data available.


There are four steps that serve as the simple solution to a hugely complex problem for marketers: collect, assemble, segment, and deliver. BlueConic collects any customer data via its flexible and universal profiles - regardless of format or source - and assembles it so that you have a single, rich profile for every individual, known or anonymous. Create new segments or discover new ones based on the consolidated data and uncover valuable new cohorts or enrich existing segments, and then deliver them to any touchpoint in real time.


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