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Geolocation Listener

How to use the BlueConic CDP to collect geolocation data based on IP lookup while keeping consumer privacy and consentThe Geolocation Listener in BlueConic adds several geolocation profile properties to customer profiles, which are then automatically populated based on an IP address lookup.

The Geolocation Listener takes only two options:

  1. Name the listener. We recommend "Geolocation" unless you are configuring multiple Geolocation Listeners to run on separate pages or channels (see #2).
  2. Select the channels and pages the listener should collect data from. We recommend leaving this option as the default, which will automatically check for geolocation information (once per visit) for all users across channels and pages. 

In the end, several geolocation profile properties will be created as shown in the image below.

How does the BlueConic customer data platform track location with Geolocation Listeners?


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