Goal-oriented BluePrints provide a focused path to get a marketing automation program up and running on your channels.

Begin by selecting a marketing goal. A configuration wizard will then run the BluePrint to prompt you for relevant information to set up a program that will help you reach that goal. Before completing the process, the wizard will verify choices made, look for possible improvements and display an overview of the configurations involved in the BluePrint. If you are satisfied with the overview, the wizard will create a program for you which consists of an overview of the applied configuration, plus a dashboard to monitor your progress.

There are a number of goals for you to choose from, including:

For more details on each goal, see the respective articles.

The wizard will start by explaining what is going to happen. Click [Let's go!] to run the BluePrint you selected. If you want to run another BluePrint, click the [x] in the top right corner to close the wizard.

Next, the wizard will lead you through the process of selecting data collectors, assembling data from the collectors, setting up delivery segments and delivering the result to relevant systems. Note that you can always press a button to go back to the previous step in the wizard.

After you have finished these steps the wizard will show an overview of your choices. Choices that do not contribute to the goal will be marked with a red circle. Required selections that were detected as missing will be added and are marked with a green circle.

Press the [Create Program] button to create a new program based on the overview. The wizard will take you to the program, which consists of an overview plus a dashboard. If there might be next steps to take with your program, they will be noted in the dashboard.

To add an item to the delivery step of an existing BluePrint, click the "+" icon in the "Deliver" bar.

Click "Marketing programs" to get back to the overview of all BluePrints. You can use the object navigator to quickly find a specific program or save your filter settings for quick access to your programs.