Data Collection Review

Whether you're a new BlueConic customer, or you've been at it for a while… there's no time like the present to review data being collected.

  • Is your site or app being revamped, and is behavioral data collection at risk?
  • Are there opportunities for adding meaningful user attributes, whether via behavioral data collected by BlueConic or integrations with other platforms?
  • Are existing data points being collected consistently and accurately?

These are the types of questions we seek to answer in a Data Collection Review.

A Data Collection Review is a three-step Progression, beginning and ending with 30-minute Web conferences.

First, we get together to initiate the process by confirming the goals of the review -- are we seeking new opportunities, auditing existing data, or solidifying collection methods to ensure data is collected consistently? We'll dive into the data a bit and determine next steps, whether those are to be BlueConic profile property / listener changes, changes to Connections, or improvements made to better surface data from websites or apps.

Some time is set aside for both teams to complete next steps coming out of our first session.

Lastly, we'll get together to review details from our coordinated effort and confirm or apply any final changes. We may set a check-in date for another Data Collection Review Progression.