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October 2015: New listeners: (Adblock detection and URL based Interest Ranker)

AdBlock detection

This listener detects whether or not a visitor is using an AdBlocker, and will store this value (yes/no) in the profile.

In this way you get better insights in how many of your visitors are actually using this, and it allows you to execute pro-active strategies to deal with it.
Our customer success manager has written two excellent blogs to provide some inspiration for this: here and here.


Interest ranking based on URL structure

This interest ranker automatically stores a visitor's interest based on the part of the site that somebody is visiting most frequently, and using the terms that appear in the different levels of your URL.

For example if somebody frequently visits the page
this will lead to the following interest being stored in his profile:

  • level 1: products
  • level 2: electronics
  • level 3: laptops
  • level 4: apple
  • level 5: macbook pro