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August 2015 BlueConic Release Notes

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New actions: Toaster, Slide-out, Net Promoter Score, Simple Survey


A toaster is an overlay interaction that slides out from the side of the screen, either immediately or after you started scrolling the page.
You can define the contents of a toaster in WYSIWYG style through BlueConic's inline editor.




The slide-out is a special version of the toaster that always shows a little tag. If a visitor clicks on the tag, the rest of the message slides out. This interaction allows you to both edit the small tag as well as the slide-out message in WYSIWYG style in the inline editor.

Net Promoter Score question

This toolbar plugin will give you the option to insert the Net Promoter Score question in a BlueConic dialogue. It will automatically collect the invidual score for a visitor and store it in a profile. In combination with the Net Promoter Score insight you can then calculate the scores for different segments of visitors. Moreover, you could even use this information to for example specifically target promoters, and ask them to share content on social media.

Simple Survey

This toolbar plugin creates a small survey that can be inserted in a BlueConic dialogue. You can build a survey with a list of multiple choice questions that are then asked to a visitor. Besides storing the answers in the profile, you can even add a score to individual answers to create an overall survey score for a visitor. There is an insight to show the aggregated results as well.


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