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R38-2015: Other notable features (e.g. segmenting on future dates)

The following things have also been changed/added in R38:

Changed behavior of 2-step authentication

When a user is logging in for the first time, or logging in from a different environment, BlueConic will ask for a verification code that is sent by e-mail.

From R38 onward you only have to do this once for every new environment (IP-address), instead of everytime that a user switches from environments. This means that a user that for example that logs in on a regular basis from both home as well as office environment does not need to re-enter a verification code every time.

The validity of the verification code is reduced: from 90 days to 30 days. This means a verification code has to be entered at least once every month.

How do I log in to the BlueConic customer data platform? 

Segmenting on future dates

BlueConic now also allows to segment on future dates, when a segment filter contains a date/time. 

This can for example be useful if a profile property contains the expiration date of a subscription. In that case you are now able to create a segment of all customers whose subscription is about to expire in order to target these with a specific offer.

 How do I use BlueConic to create customer profiles and customer segments based on subscription dates?


Send Email to visitor updates

The "Send email to visitor" interaction now also offers the ability to send email to a static email address, and it now offers CC and BCC options.