Export Templates (Insight)

Regular Segment exports can quickly become big and unwieldy because of the sheer volume of data associated with complete profiles. Also, they likely contain a lot of information that is not required.

The Export Templates insight allows you to define custom export templates to export only partial profile information of a Segment. Users with the role of Application Manager can use the Export button to download the information as a comma-separated value (CSV) format file.


The insight shows an overview of all defined export templates displayed in rows. Hover your mouse over a row to see the definition of the export template and the number of profiles that are ready to be exported.

Each row consists of the following objects:

  • [Export] button: Click this button to export and download the data in CSV format. If there is no data to export, or if there are more than 100,000 profiles to export, or if the user does not have the Administrator role the button is greyed out.
  • The name of the export template.
  • Settings icon: Click to change the export template settings.
  • Delete icon: Click to delete the export template.

Configuring the Insight

Click [Add Template] to add a new export template. The click the Settings icon to define the new template:

Template Name
Set a descriptive name for the export template.
Select the segment that holds the profiles that you want to export.
Profile Properties
Select the profile properties that you want in your export.

Click [OK] to accept the settings. If there is profile information available for the selected segment, you can now click the [Export] button to download it.

The Export Templates Insight is a standard plugin.