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R37-2015: Mobile: Full support for native apps

BlueConic now offers full support for native apps (Android and iOS), which means users will be able to:

  • Configure listeners for native apps
  • Configure interactions for native apps
  • Execute testing and optimization for native apps
  • Perform journey simulations in native apps


Updated mobile SDK

The mobile SDK for iOS and Android have both been updated to version 2.0 to fully support the use of mobile plugins for both listeners and interactions.
More information on the use of these SDKs can be found here.

Various certified plugins that can be used in combination with the SDK will developed in the coming weeks/months.


Native app journey simulations

The journey simulator in BlueConic can now also be used in combination with native apps that use the BlueConic SDK. 
Selecting the mobile channel in the journey simulator will offer an option to link the app on your mobile device directly to the journey simulator.