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2015-R37 BlueConic Release Notes

Note: You've landed on some older release notes from our early days. Learn about current BlueConic features and use cases in the BlueConic Knowledge Base.

Most recent BlueConic product updates

For current BlueConic product updates, visit the BlueConic Release Notes page.

2015 - R37 BlueConic Product Updates

Documentation/Help changes

All the "help" documentation is now moved to and integrated with the other support articles here on

The "help" link on the top right in BlueConic now is context sensitive as well: it will take you directly to the relevant article on

There are other advantages to this move as well:

  • You can use the powerful search of the support-site to provide a full-text search on all help articles
  • The product videos are now integrated within the help-documentation
  • The tips and tricks are now integrated with the rest of the documentation.

Configurable home-section

  • The BlueConic home-section can now be totally configured to match your personal preferences.
  • You can make use of all dashboard widgets to create your own home-section
  • All existing home-section widgets are now also available as dashboard widgets
  • The home-section is tied to your personal user account, and the personal configuration of the home-tab is only accessible for that user. 

Mobile: Improved identity merging & transfers

In order to maximize the identity association capabilities in BlueConic from channel to channel and from device to device a couple of improvements have been made:

  • When you install a plugin that creates a profile with a unique identifier (e.g. an email address or a Facebook ID) an automatic merging rule is created to merge profiles that contain this unique ID
  • When you send an email from BlueConic, the profile ID is automatically added to all links within this mail. When a link in the mail is used for the first time, BlueConic checks if the device, app, or browser that is opened already has a BlueConic profile with that ID. If there is no profile, BlueConic will create one with this ID. If there is already a profile, but with a different ID, BlueConic will merge this profile with the one that triggered the email.
  • When you follow a BlueConic link from one channel to the other (web-to-web, web-to-app or app-to-app) the profile ID is also used to make a match with the profile that is used in the targeted link (device, app, or browser).

Mobile: Full support for native apps

BlueConic now offers full support for native apps (Android and iOS), which means users will be able to:

  • Configure listeners for native apps
  • Configure interactions for native apps
  • Execute testing and optimization for native apps
  • Perform journey simulations in native apps

Updated mobile SDK

The mobile SDK for iOS and Android have both been updated to version 2.0 to fully support the use of mobile plugins for both listeners and interactions.
More information on the use of these SDKs can be found here.

Various certified plugins that can be used in combination with the SDK will developed in the coming weeks/months.


Native app journey simulations

The journey simulator in BlueConic can now also be used in combination with native apps that use the BlueConic SDK. 
Selecting the mobile channel in the journey simulator will offer an option to link the app on your mobile device directly to the journey simulator.

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