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R37-2015: Mobile: Improved identity merging & transfers

In order to maximize the identity association capabilities in BlueConic from channel to channel and from device to device a couple of improvements have been made:

  • When you install a plugin that creates a profile with a unique identifier (e.g. an email address or a Facebook ID) an automatic merging rule is created to merge profiles that contain this unique ID
  • When you send an email from BlueConic, the profile ID is automatically added to all links within this mail. When a link in the mail is used for the first time, BlueConic checks if the device, app, or browser that is opened already has a BlueConic profile with that ID. If there is no profile, BlueConic will create one with this ID. If there is already a profile, but with a different ID, BlueConic will merge this profile with the one that triggered the email.
  • When you follow a BlueConic link from one channel to the other (web-to-web, web-to-app or app-to-app) the profile ID is also used to make a match with the profile that is used in the targeted link (device, app, or browser).