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Cookie Consent by Continuation action

The content of this article has been deprecated.

See Privacy Management in BlueConic instead.

The Cookie Consent by Continuation action is a way to implement permission management. It will display a message to the visitor, informing her that cookies will be used on the website and that continuing to browse the website means acceptance of these cookies. Up to the acceptance, no permissions are granted.

Configuring the Dialogue

To enable the Cookie Consent by Continuation for a website, follow these steps:

  • Create a new Dialogue.
  • Open the Where tab.
  • Add the channel where you want the action to appear. This is important, as it allows the action fields to appear!
  • Open the What tab.
  • Select the plugin "Cookie consent by continuation" in the properties widget.
  • Save the Dialogue.

Next you edit the content of the Cookie Consent dialogue. The content is split in three parts that must be edited separately: the notifier, the lightbox and the footer.


This message will be shown the first time the visitor lands on the channel. The message is typically shown as a notice at the top of the page. To display the notifier, open the Notifier tab in the Properties widget and click the Show Notifier button.

The notifier will be shown with an edit bar. Click the Edit button to edit the contents of the message. By default, the message contains a link to open the permission configuration lightbox ("click here"). This is a special link: You can edit its text, but not the link itself. If you lost the link and want to add it to the editor again, click the Add Link button.


The lightbox is where the visitor can change the cookie settings. By default this contains an explanation of the setting with a link to the Cookie Policy of the website and a cookie checkbox. Open the Lightbox tab in the Properties widget and click Show Lightbox to view the lightbox.

The lightbox is shown with an edit bar. Click the Edit button to edit the contents of the lightbox.

The lightbox should contain a cookie checkbox for the visitor to select his preferences. Should the cookie checkbox ever get edited away by accident, it can be added by clicking Add cookie checkbox.


The footer is a link that the visitor can use to open the permission settings. This link is optional, and when it is present it is typically embedded among the footer links of a page.

There are four options for the location:

  • No footer: No footer link will be shown and the Show Footer button is greyed out. This is the default.
  • Bottom left: Show the footer link fixed to the left bottom of the page.
  • Bottom right: Show the footer link fixed to the right bottom of the page.
  • Selector: Enter your preferred position on the page for the link, or use the Visual Picker to pick one. When you opt to use a Selector, you also have to indicate whether the HTML code for the link should Replace the existing HTML of the position, or if the code should be appended or prepended to the existing HTML.



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