IP Range Listening

IP Range Listening allows you to add specific values to a profile property when the IP address of the visitor is within a specific range.

Using the listener

To use the listener, do the following:

  1. Select the profile property to hold the values.
  2. Add an IP range by clicking the button "Add IP Range":
    • Enter an IPv4 address (four numbers separated by a dot) as lowest IP address.
    • Enter another as highest IP address.  
    • Choose whether to "add" or "set" the values in the profile property. Toggle between the two by clicking the word "add" or "set".
    • Define the value or values to set or add.

In the example above, a visitor from IP address will get the value "Internal" added to profile property "Origin", since this IP address is inside the defined range. A visitor from IP address will not get the value added, as this address is outside the defined range.

The IP Range Listener is a standard plugin.