What is "progressive profiling"?

Progressive profiling

When a website visitor visits channels in your domains, a profile is created for them that includes information about their activity. This allows you to, over time, learn more about each visitor's interests and behavior, enabling you to target them with relevant dialogues that fit their needs.

Based on profile merging rules, when it is determined that two visitor profiles in your BlueConic profile database belong to the same person, their profiles can be merged together. This leads to a single profile that contains rich information, making it easier to target the visitor now, based on the full breadth of data stored in the profile.

How does progressive profiling of customer data work in BlueConic?

Privacy and consent for BlueConic profiling

BlueConic also allows you to let website visitors select a permission level. Depending on the permission level the visitor selects, their profile will contain either anonymous or personal information or, if they select to opt out of tracking completely, they will have no profile at all. If the visitor does not opt out of tracking, their profile will gradually grow as more information about them is gathered.

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