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April 2015: Insight plugins: multiple segments, segment percentage, average value, profile merges

Compare Multiple Segments over time

For this graph you can select multiple segments which are then displayed in one graph, showing the relative development of these segments over time. You can either display the values as absolute or relative numbers. If you have mutually exclusive segments, you can also display them as a stacked layer.


Segment Percentage KPI

This plugin displays one segment as a percentage of another segment. In case of overlapping segments, this allows you to monitor the relation between these two segments. For example this KPI insight allows you to display the percentage of known visitors in your database, or the size of your “customer” segment compared to “all visitors”.

Average Profile Value KPI

This plugin allows you to monitor the average value of a profile property (e.g. average customer satisfaction score, average number of visits, average cart value) for a specific segment as a single KPI

Merged profiles over time

The graph that keeps track of the number of profile merges over time (that is displayed on the merge section in BlueConic) is now also available as insight widget.