Personal Settings

How do I update my email, change my BlueConic password, and add my mobile number to BlueConic?

Your Personal settings menu in BlueConic is located in the upper right hand corner of your BlueConic environment and can be accessed by clicking on the User Icon and selecting "Personal settings." Here you can change the following settings:

  • Locale: Select a locale from the drop-down list to use for your BlueConic universe. The formatting of all dates, times, and numbers will be based on the locale you select.
  • Name: Change your name as displayed in BlueConic.
  • Mobile number: Used for password recovery (optional).
  • Your roles: List of roles you have been added to (read only).
  • Your domains: List of domains you have been assigned to (read only).

You can also use this menu to change your BlueConic password. See Resetting your BlueConic password for more information on passwords.