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Your personal Account Settings in BlueConic are located in the upper right-hand corner of your BlueConic environment and can be accessed by clicking on the User Icon and selecting "Account settings." Here you can change the following personal settings:

Personal details

  • Name: Change your name as displayed in BlueConic.
  • Mobile number: Used for password recovery (optional).
  • Locale: Select a locale from the drop-down list to use for BlueConic.
    Note: BlueConic formats all dates, times, and numbers based on the locale you select in your personal account settings. So when you set a time for reporting in Insights or for other time-related activities, BlueConic translates your locale setting into the current time setting for your time zone.

Change password

Access details

  • Roles: List of roles you have been added to (read only).
  • Privacy controls: Shows whether you have access to PII data in BlueConic.
  • Domains: List of domains you have been assigned to (read only).
  • Tokens: If your user role allows for API access, here you see any available OAuth 2.0 application access tokens. OAuth 2.0 tokens provide an application with access to the BlueConic API. The scope and permissions assigned to a user determine which objects an app can access. Learn more about authorizing applications in BlueConic.

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