Save, Save As, and Delete

Most domain objects in BlueConic (for example Dashboards, Dialogues, Listeners, etc.) behave in the same way when it comes to modifications.


Modifying an object

If you make changes to your object, you will see the Save button change from grey to blue. To save the modifications you made to an object you need to press the blue Save button.

If you made changes and try to navigate away without saving, a warning popup will appear:

Click "Save" if you want to save your modifications to the object. Click "Don't Save" if you want to abandon the changes and leave the object as it was before you started editing. Click "Cancel" to stop navigating away and keep on editing the object without saving it just yet.


Copying an object

If you click on the dropdown of the Save button, you get the option "Save As...". Choosing this option will save a copy of the current object under a new name.


Deleting an object

If you click on the dropdown of the save button, you get the "Delete" option. Choosing this option will delete the current object.