Prefill Form (Action)

Sometimes the visitor is asked to enter information in a regular web form. But what if BlueConic already has that information in the visitor profile?

The Prefill Form Action plugin lets you specify rules for prefilling regular form input fields with values stored in the profile of the visitor.

Using the Prefill Form interaction in BlueConic

To prefill a form input field, a new rule needs to be created and the details of the field have to be entered.

  1. Click the "Add Rule" button.
  2. Click "Select field" and enter the details of the form field that you want to prefill:
    • Use the visual picker or enter a jQuery CSS selector expression to select the field. For complete information on jQuery selectors, see
    • Give the field a human readable name.
    • input field.
  3. Click "Select profile property" to select the property whose value shall be used to prefill the form. You can enter the name of the property and select it, or you can use the "Advanced search" option to search for one.

If you need to prefill more form fields, repeat the above process for all fields. When ready, enable the Dialogue and save it.

How to prefill form fields using the BlueConic customer data platform

Whenever the interaction is able to find a matching form field, it will now set the value of the form field to the value of the profile property.

Do not prefill level 2 (PERSONAL) properties when there are profile merging rules active. An attacker could provoke a merge and could discover information of another profile.