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BlueConic Overview

Welcome to BlueConic! Our customer data platform (CDP) liberates your first-party data, making it accessible where and when you need it to transform your customer relationships and unleash growth. 

The BlueConic customer data platform

At the core of the BlueConic CDP is the unified customer profile. Bringing your customer data into this single customer view enables you to do smarter engagement, with dynamic, multidimensional segmentation, lifecycle orchestration, and richer modeling and analytics.

BlueConic Overview, with an introduction to the BlueConic CDP and an Overview of BlueConic CDP use cases and capabilities

With use cases customized to your needs and goals, you can explore how BlueConic helps you to turn disparate data points into unified, actionable customer data. Explore the main feature areas of BlueConic, designed to offer a privacy-first CDP that will help you transform your customer relationships and unleash growth. 

Unified profiles

BlueConic Overview -- Getting Started with the BlueConic CDP to unify customer dataYour database of unified profiles sits at the center of the BlueConic CDP. Learn how BlueConic creates unified profiles using listeners to collect data and connections to integrate disparate data sources and activate your data in dozens of systems.

Multi-dimensional segmentation

Dynamic-Segmentation-BlueConic-CDP.pngBuild dynamic, multi-dimensional customer segments 

Modeling & analytics

BlueConic-AI-Machine-Learning-Marketing.pngRun advanced AI analytics and modeling with AI Workbench 

Lifecycle orchestration

Lifecycles_for_Customer_Journey_Orchestration_BlueConic.pngUse customer lifecycle orchestration tools to respond to customers at any stage of their customer journeys

Supporting your CDP use cases

BlueConic is here to help you be successful in building and activating your first-party customer data. Use the resources in the BlueConic Knowledge Base to learn how to use BlueConic features and find answers to your questions. Our customer and partner education resources include the BlueConic Academy for online training and certifications, as well as webinars, user groups, and online resources where you can learn how other growth-focused teams use BlueConic to best advantage.

Explore the basics in Getting Started, and contact your Customer Success Manager with any questions.