Twitter Follow Dialogue

A Twitter Follow Dialogue in BlueConic lets you place a button on a page that allows your customers or visitors to follow the specified Twitter user on Twitter.

Here is an example of a Twitter Follow Button dialogue:

How do I put a Twitter follow button my pages using the BlueConic CDP?

Configuring a Twitter Follow button in BlueConic

The Twitter Follow button has several configuration options, as shown in the example below:

How to add a Twitter Social Sharing button on your site pages using the BlueConic CDP

Note that all options except the Twitter Username are completely optional. Skip the configuration and a default Twitter Follow Button will appear with the number of likes next to it.

Twitter username
Enter the Twitter handle of the user to follow.
Show follower count
Enable to display the number of followers for the account next to the button.
Show bigger button
Enable to display a bigger variant of the same button.
Prevent Twitter from suggesting the user people based on their recent visits to the Twitter ecosystem.
Where to insert
Choose the placement of the Twitter Follow button relative to the position that was picked for the dialogue. Choices are:
  • Prepend: Insert the button before the selected position.
  • Append: Insert the button after the selection position.
  • Replace: Replace the contents of the position by the button.