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Profile Visualization (Div) Dialogue

Use the Profile Visualization (Div) dialogue to display BlueConic profile data and statistics gathered from your customers or visitors. The data and statistics displayed are derived from the dynamic segment(s) the profile belongs to, as well as other information they have entered and submitted in forms. Additionally, the Profile Visualization (Div) dialogue allows the website visitor to opt out of being tracked. When they select this option in the visualization, BlueConic will stop tracking the visitor and updating their progressive profile. This option is required by law in some countries in order to protect website visitors' privacy.

How to create a Profile Visualization dialogue

The Profile Visualization dialogue is not installed in BlueConic by default. To add it, add the following plugin to BlueConic in the Settings > Plugins tab:

Contact your BlueConic Customer Success Manager if you need help.

Profile Visualization (Div) configuration

Follow the steps below to configure a Profile Visualization (Div) dialogue.

  1. Enter the URL for the CSS file containing your defined styles if you want to use your own stylesheet to render the visitor profile information on the web page.
  2. Click Save.

The following shows an example visualization with the "opt-out" button. For example:

How to use privacy opt-out dialogues in the BlueConic customer data platform (CDP)

The same example of the Profile Visualization as seen on an example web page: