Facebook Like Button (Action)

The Facebook Like Button in BlueConic allows you to place a "Like this page on Facebook" button on a page in BlueConic. Visitors can click the button to share your content with friends on Facebook. When the user clicks the Like button on your site, a story appears in the user's friends' News Feed with a link back to your website.

The following is an example of a Facebook Like Button dialogue:

How to add a Facebook Like Button in the BlueConic customer data platform

Configuring the Facebook Like Button in BlueConic

The BlueConic Facebook Like Button has several configuration options, as shown in the example below:

How to create and add a Facebook Like Button using BlueConic

Note that all these options are completely optional. Skip the configuration and a default Like button will appear with the number of likes next to it.

URL to like

By default clicking the button will recommend the current page to friends. Sometimes you will want to recommend a different page. For example, when an overview page shows an abstract of an article, people will want to like the article, not the overview page. Enter the URL for the article to be able to like it from the overview page.

Send button

Enable this option to include a "Share" button next to the "Like" button. By default the "Share" button will not be shown.

Layout style

Choose one of the layout styles:
  • "button_count": The number of Likes will be displayed next to the button.
  • "box_count": The number of Likes will be displayed above the button.
By default the number of Likes will be displayed next to the button.


Optionally restrict the width of the output. Enter the number of pixels.

Show faces

Enable this option to show profile pictures below the Like button. Default is to not show profile pictures.

Verb to display

Enter "like" or "recommend" to use that word as the verb on the button and the text "Be the first of your friends to like this". The default is "like".

Color scheme

The color scheme to be used for the plugin. The options are "light" and "dark".


Enter one of these font names if you want to use a specific font:
  • Arial
  • Lucida grande
  • Segoe ui
  • Tahoma
  • Trebuchet ms
  • Verdana
The default font is "Arial".

Label for tracking referrals

Enter an optional label that will be used by Facebook to learn which Facebook Like button on your webpage generated the traffic.

Insert type

Choose the placement of the Facebook Like button relative to the position that was picked for the dialogue. Choices are:
  • Prepend: Insert the Facebook Like button before the selected position.
  • Append: Insert the Facebook Like button after the selection position.
  • Replace: Replace the contents of the position with the Facebook Like button.