Google Analytics (Interaction Type)

Google Analytics is a service from Google that tracks visits to websites and allows you to analyze the data in order to improve your market effectiveness. The Google Analytics interaction allows you to add statistics from up to five custom variables from a BlueConic segment to the Google Analytics data. For complete information on using Google Analytics custom variables, see the Google documentation.

By default, the BlueConic Google Analytics interaction is not installed. To install it, add the following URL to your BlueConic plugins:

Google Analytics configuration

Follow the steps below to configure a Google Analytics interaction.

  1. In the "Profile Properties" field, enter a comma separated list of up to five custom variables that will be sent to Google Analytics. The variables that you enter must match the identifier of the property as it appears in the XML definition of the listener. For example:

    Identifiers in the interaction XML definition file

    Identifiers in the Google Analytics "Profile Properties" field
  2. Click [Save].
  3. Click [Next] or click the [Where] tab to proceed.