Content (Action)

A Content interaction allows you to manipulate existing content (images, text) on a web page and replace it by other content.

The following is an example of a Content interaction:

Content interaction configuration

You compose the content for the Content interaction using the (inline) text editor. For information on using the inline text editor see Text editor.

Content properties settings

In the Properties box on the right-hand side of the page you can further customize the content display by choosing Styling settings, JavaScript settings, or Advanced settings from the pulldown menu.


Content Styling settings

To use content styling settings, open the Properties box in the right hand side of the page and use the Styling settings pulldown menu.


These are the styling options: 

Contents: Click Load examples to see over a content templates you can customize to create forms, collect email addresses, manage privacy, offer customer codes/coupons, manage subscriptions, launch a survey, or deliver a text message.


CSS URL: Add a CSS URL to use an external CSS library. 


CSS styling: Enter custom CSS to add styling to your content interaction.


JavaScript settings

JavaScript library URL: Add a URL to be able to use an external JavaScript library. For example, you can use this when you want to load jQuery.
This URL will be loaded for this specific interaction and will only be added on the frontend page and the BlueConic simulator. 

Custom JavaScript: Enter custom JavaScript to execute a custom function or to call for the JavaScript library. If jQuery is not available on your website, you can use bc.$ or bc.jQuery instead.

Advanced settings

Click event selector: Select an element in the page to register a click for this dialogue if the visitor or customer clicks the selected element. Use the Visual picker to choose a position on the page. A visual picker page opens where you can select the position. Learn more about selecting a position using the Visual picker

Keeping up with content changes

When you select a position on the page to be used for the content interaction, the original content of that position will be the starting value of your content interaction. The original content is copied to BlueConic and now part of this content interaction. This means that future changes in the original page will not be reflected in this content interaction, but will be replaced by the content that you have edited and saved for this interaction.

The Content Action is a standard plugin.