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R36-2015: BlueConic Connections section

Note: You've landed on a page from our early days. See our website for an up-to-date list of current BlueConic Connections to other systems.

There is a new section where you will be able to manage all your connections to external systems. 

Out-of-the-box we provide the following connection types:

  • Salesforce
  • Google Universal Analytics
  • Facebook Connect
  • Generic API connector

Through the generic API connector you will be able to create a consumer key / consumer secret combination to hook up specific systems using BlueConic's REST API.

By adding connection plugins to BlueConic you can expand the number of connection types. You can connect to any system that is capable of communicating with the REST API or Javascript API and that would benefit from data exchange with BlueConic. Think of: CRM systems, CMS systems or other content repositories, Analytics systems etc.