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2015-R36 BlueConic Release Notes

Note: You've landed on some older release notes from our early days. Learn about current BlueConic features and use cases in the BlueConic Knowledge Base.

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2015 - R36 BlueConic Product Updates

BlueConic Connections section

Note: You've landed on a page from our early days. See our website for an up-to-date list of current BlueConic Connections to other systems.

There is a new section where you will be able to manage all your connections to external systems. 

We provide the following connection types:

  • Salesforce
  • Google Universal Analytics
  • Facebook Connect
  • Generic API connector

Through the generic API connector you will be able to create a consumer key / consumer secret combination to hook up specific systems using BlueConic's REST API.

By adding connection plugins to BlueConic you can expand the number of connection types. You can connect to any system that is capable of communicating with the REST API or JavaScript API and that would benefit from data exchange with BlueConic. Think of: CRM systems, CMS systems or other content repositories, Analytics systems etc.

Ability to expand segments (using an "OR" relation)

Note: You've landed on release notes from our early days. See our up-to-date Knowledge Base page on creating real-time customer segments.

Now when you define a new segment in BlueConic, you also have the option to "expand" segments, using an "OR" relation.

You still do not need to create complex database query languages. It is just a matter of simple configuration through click and edit.

Various other new features and functions

In Release 36 we added or changed over 50 functions and features.

The most important ones are mentioned in this article


Ability to exclude pages on "where" section

The where section now has the option to define to not show dialogues on specific pages. In this way it is much easier to define for example that a lightbox should be shown on all of the pages in a channel, except on the homepage.



Period Comparisons in Dashboards

Insight dashboards now contain the option "Compare with previous period". By checking this box, all insights that perform period reporting will automatically show a trend comparison (percentual increase or decrease) to the period directly preceding the selected period. This period comparison will for example be visible in the dialogues table, the dialogue and segment KPIs and the segments or dialogue over time graphs.


Starting pages

To enhance the user experience, BlueConic will now present a start page when you enter a section for the first time in a session, instead of directly opening the first on the list.
On these starting pages you will be offered the option to either select an existing object or directly create a new one.


Additional options in Behavior Listener

The behavior listener now has three new options for values to put in the profile at a certain action or event. You can now also put Query String Parameters, URL values or Cookie values directly into the profile.


Range filter now also can exclude ranges

You can now also select a range of values to exclude for your visitor segmentation:


Standalone and printable dashboards

You can show a standalone dashboard that leaves out the BlueConic navigation by changing the URL to the dashboard. Instead of "type=dashboard" you should use "type=standalonedashboard". This will show the dashboard without navigation and with an automatic refresh (in order not to get automatically logged out). You could use this type of dashboard for example to show on a separate screen (e.g. TV or projector).

It is also possible to print this dashboard (e.g. to PDF) to create a static version to share with others.


Chrome plugin

There is a plugin available for Chrome that allows you to embed a site into an iFrame locally, if this is prevented through X-Frame options. In this way you can still use these sites within BlueConic in your visual picker, inline editor or journey simulator.

You can also use this plugin to locally add the script to any site, in order to locally test these pages in BlueConic if the script is not (yet) present on the site or if there is a script that is pointing to another BlueConic server is on the site.


UI changes

There have been some small UI-changes to enhance the user experience:

  • New navigation styling
  • Smart navigation widgets now automatically refreshes, so the refresh button is removed
  • New status-switch in Title bars to switch objects on or off.
  • Improved responsiveness

Video: Plugins Section

The renewed plugins section introduces a new way of installing plugins in BlueConic. You can now expand BlueConic's functionality by adding plugins directly from a gallery through a one-click-install. The gallery gives immediate access to over 40 plugins in various categories, introducing many new interesting features and functions.

Besides the plugin gallery, you can still install custom plugins by uploading a ZIP file or entering the URL on which a plugin is hosted.

The areas in BlueConic that are pluggable, are also expanded. You can now add new functions through plugins in the following areas:

  • Dialogues (formerly Interactions)
  • Listeners
  • Insights (for Dashboards)
  • Toolbar buttons (for the content editor)


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