The design of the position breaks after I click 'Pick and Edit'

Browsers are very forgiving when it comes to displaying HTML. Even when the HTML source is broken, a browser will usually still be able to make something of it.

In contrast, the inline editor in BlueConic is fairly picky about the content it is editing. In particular, it likes to work with a valid HTML source. If the content contains invalid HTML (e.g. nested header tags or empty i tags), the editor will correct the bits it considers to be wrong. This correction can result in a different design of the position.

If you notice this happening:

  • Reload the Dialogue by navigating to it again. Do not save the changes when asked to.
  • To the right of the "Pick and Edit" button is a selection arrow. Click it, and you can choose the option "Open in HTML editor".

Now you should be able to edit the HTML source without disrupting its structure. This will leave the design intact.

"Save" your Dialogue when ready.