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R34-2015: Dialogues and Interactions

In R34 we have made small changes to the concepts of "Dialogues" and "Interactions".

A dialogue is now the set of rules around the message that you want to show to a visitor (who, where, what and why). An interaction only concerns the message itself (what). A variant therefore is now exactly similar to an interaction with the only difference that it operates in an optimizer dialogue.

In the migration this means that all "interactions" from R33 or earlier are now migrated to "dialogues", and the grouping function of "dialogues" in R33 or earlier has been changed into a label for all the interactions that were part of that dialogue. This gives you the opportunity to organize your dialogues in a much more flexible way, as you can add multiple labels to an interaction.

For example:

Let's say that in R33 you had the Dialogue: "Prospect campaign", that contained 4 interactions:

Now in R34 you will see all the individual interactions back as dialogues. The name of the dialogue from R33 is now added as a label to these new dialogues. By clicking on the label you can quickly see the other R33-interactions that previously belonged to the same dialogue, and directly navigate to them.