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R34-2015: Other news from this release

Improved simulator behavior

Web site handling

In R34 we have changed the handling of websites within our simulator environment, to maximize the support for different site configurations.

The simulator (and also the other inline views that are used in the dialogues section and in the visual picker) no longer use a proxy, but work directly with the BlueConic script on the pages, which will improve the stability.

A fallback is provided for pages that do not allow embedding in an iframe. You now have the option to open these sites in a separate window. The simulator widgets will keep on working while you navigate on the page in a separate window:

Another aspect of the changed simulator behavior is the enhanced security aspect. As BlueConic runs in https, we will by default try to load the https-version of the site as well. When the https version is not available, your browser will generate a warning. 
To configure BlueConic on an http-only site, you need to allow your browser to display mixed content.
Read more info on this subject.


Dialogue widget improvements

We also updated the dialogue widget with some new features:

  • The dialogue widget now contains a filter option to quickly find the right dialogues
  • When you hover over a position on the page, that position will be highlighted in the dialogue widget 


Screen width and height stored separately

The context variables are now expanded with two new properties: the screen resolution is now stored in a separate screen width and screen height. This allows marketers to easier segment on screen size. Using these new properties, you can now specify a set of screen sizes in a segment (e.g. do not display this dialogue on screens smaller than 1024 pixels wide. )

Listening to visitors based on IP addresses 

A new listener can profile visitors based on their IP address(es).

This listener is not installed automatically, but can be added to BlueConic by installing it from the following URL: