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2015-R33 BlueConic Release Notes

Note: You've landed on some older release notes from our early days. Learn about current BlueConic features and use cases in the BlueConic Knowledge Base.

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2015 - R33 BlueConic Product Updates

Journey simulator

Interested in the BlueConic Simulator for testing your pages and apps? Get the most current feature news here: Using the BlueConic Simulator

The all new journey simulator allows you to quickly preview and simulate visitor journeys across pages, sites and devices:

  • Experience the journey through the eyes of the visitor
  • Get direct feedback on updated profile properties
  • Inspect and preview interactions
  • Record and replay common journeys 
  • Simulate on any page in your universe, even if the BlueConic script is not yet on the page.

New segments section

Note: You've landed on a page from our early days. See our website for up-to-date information about creating dynamic, multidimensional customer segments with BlueConic.

We completely renewed the segments section in BlueConic. It helps in better organizing large amounts of segments and provides more direct visual feedback on the profile values in your segments.
We also introduce the option to add values for a segment that are not yet in your database.


To be able to better organize your work in BlueConic we introduce an all new label mechanism. By creating on-the-fly labels you can group items in BlueConic. 
You can use these labels to create custom views and quick shortcuts. You can add labels to segments, profile properties, listeners, interactions, optimizers, channels and plugins.

Improved Form Listener

You can now store form fields "on change". This means you will be able to store values of abandoned forms in your profile and act upon those values. See the Form Listener documentation for details.

Change password option

Users now have the ability to change their own BlueConic password. In the title bar of BlueConic, at the right, there is a dropdown option next to your login-name. Click this drop-down option to access the "change password" option.


A popup will appear where you can change your password by entering the old password and entering your desired new password twice. BlueConic requires you to use a strong password that meets the criteria described under the fields. A validation mark will be shown to indicate your password matches the criteria.

Note: BlueConic passwords must be 12 characters long (updated February 2021).

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