What happens when I add a new variant to an existing optimizer?

Adding variants during the evaluation period

If you add a variant to an Optimizer Dialogue during the evaluation period, it will be kept track of just as the other variants are, and its distribution values can be seen on the Variants tab. Do note that if you are using 'Automatic optimization' as variant strategy that the newly added variant will automatically get a higher distribution percentage in comparison to the existing variants. This is done to give the new variant a chance to 'catch up' with the others.

Adding variants after the evaluation period ends

If you add a variant to an optimizer after the evaluation has occurred, what happens next depends on the "After evaluation" setting on the Optimizer tab of a dialogue. This table summarizes what will happen with new variants added after an evaluation period ends.

After evaluation setting Description
Automatic optimization The new variant will be served along with the existing variants and its effectiveness will be scored. As time passes, if its effectiveness is higher than the existing variants, it will be served increasingly more often than those that are less effective. The process continues as such with the currently best performing variants always being served more often than those that perform less well.
Stop serving any variant The new variant will not be served to any visitors.
Serve specific variant The new variant will only be served if it is selected as the specific variant to use.
Serve winning variant The new variant will not be shown.

The following example shows a completed configuration of an optimizer's advanced and evaluation settings. The configuration includes the following:

  • The "Evaluate at" setting is either 200 clicks or 25 conversions, whichever is reached first.
  • The "Variants strategy" is "Automatic optimization."
  • The "After evaluation" setting is "Automatic optimization."

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